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Cul Camp 2018
Cul Camp 2018 Thu 08/11/2018
Cul Camp 2018
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Minor Boys Championship 2018
Minor Boys Championship 2018 Sun 14/10/2018
Ballymaguigan 1-14 St Michael's 1-2
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Ballymaguigan V Craigbane
Ballymaguigan V Craigbane Sat 25/08/2018
First round of Champiosnhip, Sat 25th August. Ballymaguigan 8-17 Craigbane 0-04
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U16 Girls 2018 League winners
U16 Girls 2018 League winners Fri 08/06/2018
2018 League winners
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Minor Ladies Championship Winners - 2018
Minor Ladies Championship Winners - 2018 Fri 27/04/2018
FINAL – Friday 27th April Ballymaguigan 10.22 Moneymore 1.02
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Minor Ladies League Winners
Minor Ladies League Winners Mon 26/03/2018
Massive victory for our minor ladies tonight over Claudy in the League Final. Well done to all involved, another medal to add to the collection. FULL TIME: Ballymaguigan 6-17 Claudy 2-4
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U16 girls Championship Winners 2018
U16 girls Championship Winners 2018 Tue 09/01/2018
Massive well done to our U16 girls on their latest Championship win. Both league & championship winners this year as well as 5th year in a row winning the Championship. Unbelievable achievement for any club never mind a club as small as our own
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Minor Championship Winners 2017
Minor Championship Winners 2017 Sun 05/11/2017
Huge congratulations to our minors on completing the double today. They defeated Steelstown in the championship final, 9-09 - 3-04 Well done to both players and management on this excellent achievement.
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Minor ladies league winners 2017
Minor ladies league winners 2017 Wed 25/10/2017
Well done to the girls who defeated Callan gaels 7-17 to 3-7.
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Junior Ladies All Ireland Football Final
Junior Ladies All Ireland Football Final Sun 24/09/2017
Well done to Annie, Erin & all the Derry ladies team and management on a great exciting game on Sunday. FT score Doire 2-10 Fermanagh 3-7 Replay 8th October!
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U16 girls League & Championship winners 2017
U16 girls League & Championship winners 2017 Fri 22/09/2017
Well done to our U16 girls on completing the double by winning both League & Championship this year! What a huge achievement. Congratulations to all involved.
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U14 boys Championship Winners
U14 boys Championship Winners Sat 09/09/2017
Well done to all involved! The boys beat Foreglen by one single point to lift the Cup. Ft score Ballymaguigan 1-5 Foreglen 1-4.
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Underage teams 2017
Underage teams 2017 Fri 01/09/2017
Various pictures of our underage teams throughout 2017
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U14 boys team bonding
U14 boys team bonding Sat 17/06/2017
Our u14 boys & management enjoyed a day at The Jungle NI!
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Macrory Cup Winners 2017
Macrory Cup Winners 2017 Fri 17/03/2017
Well done to our club players Daniel Bradley & Brian Cassidy who were part of the Macrory winning team!
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Civic Awards Evening
Civic Awards Evening Wed 01/02/2017
Ballymaguigan Ladies teams were recognised by the Mid Ulster Council for their outstanding achievement in 2016. Championship winners at each age level.
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Club Dinner Dance 26.11.2016
Club Dinner Dance 26.11.2016 Sat 26/11/2016
2016 club dinner dance
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Senior Ladies Champions 2016
Senior Ladies Champions 2016 Sat 10/09/2016
Ballymaguigan defeated Claudy 2-16 to 1-06.
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Lip Sync Battle
Lip Sync Battle Fri 17/06/2016
Great night had by all!
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Underage 2016
Underage 2016 Sun 06/03/2016
All the teams and successes in 2016
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Youth Presentation 2015
Youth Presentation 2015 Fri 20/11/2015
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Underage boys & girls 2015
Underage boys & girls 2015 Tue 01/09/2015
Various photos of our under age teams throughout 2015
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U16 boys 2015
U16 boys 2015 Wed 17/06/2015
Few pictures throughout the year
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U12 Go Games 2015
U12 Go Games 2015 Sat 28/03/2015
Various pictures throughout the GAA Go Games
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Feile Champs 2015
Feile Champs 2015 Sun 22/03/2015
Feile Champions 2015, beating Claudy in the Final
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The BIG Weekend Lak
The BIG Weekend Lak Fri 22/08/2014
Various pictures of our big bank holiday weekend
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Cul Camp 2014
Cul Camp 2014 Mon 18/08/2014
All the fun at the Cul camp in August !
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Senior Ladies 2014
Senior Ladies 2014 Mon 11/08/2014
various pictures throughout 2014
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Championship- Ballymaguigan V Claudy
Championship- Ballymaguigan V Claudy Sat 02/08/2014
Ballymaguigan V Claudy at Owenbeg 2pm
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U14 boys team- 2014
U14 boys team- 2014 Tue 01/07/2014
various pictures of our u14 boys team.
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Féile na nÓg 2014
Féile na nÓg 2014 Sun 29/06/2014
Our u14 girls travelled to St Molaise, Sligo and reached the Semi Finals were they were beat by New York who went on to win the Feile.
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2014 Wed 04/06/2014
Various pictures of our teams throughout 2014
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Club Gear
Club Gear Fri 09/05/2014
Order night Frid 9th May 7pm for all your club gear. 50% deposit required to secure your order.
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2014 Feile Champions
2014 Feile Champions Mon 21/04/2014
U14 Girls are Derry Feile Champions
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Easter Fun day 2014
Easter Fun day 2014 Sat 19/04/2014
Easter fun day held at the club hall!
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Presentation night
Presentation night Fri 21/03/2014
Presentation night held at the club Friday 21st March 2014.
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Minor Ladies Team
Minor Ladies Team Sun 16/03/2014
2014 - First Ladies Minor team
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30th Anniversary Reunion Disco
30th Anniversary Reunion Disco Sat 08/02/2014
Sat 8th Feb- In aid of Prostate Cancer, £1086 was raised on the night! Great nights craic had by all!
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U14 Girls Champions 2013
U14 Girls Champions 2013 Sun 06/10/2013
The U14 2013 county Champions of Derry. Beating Moneymore in the final.
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Ladies Derry Junior A Championship Final
Ladies Derry Junior A Championship Final Mon 02/09/2013
County Champions 2013
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Cul Camp 2013
Cul Camp 2013 Mon 29/07/2013
A great week's football from the 29th July to the 2nd Aug
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Derry Under 16's
Derry Under 16's Sun 28/07/2013
The club would like to congratulate the girls on their acjievements in winning the U16 Ulster Football Championship ! Well done girls !!
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Feile 2013
Feile 2013 Fri 28/06/2013
Feile 2013
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Ulster League 2013 Final
Ulster League 2013 Final Sun 31/03/2013
Photos of the days events during the Ulster League Final in Carrickmore
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Senior & Reserves 2013
Senior & Reserves 2013 Sat 30/03/2013
Select photos from Senior and Reserve games for 2013
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Foundation Coaching Course 2013
Foundation Coaching Course 2013 Sat 02/02/2013
Over 2 days a group of coaches gained their foundation coaching cert.
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Derry U14
Derry U14 Mon 31/12/2012
Derry U14 team that won Ulster Blitz in 2012 defeating Antrim, Down, Fermanagh and Armagh in the final. Ulster championship beating Fermanagh in the Final.
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Under 16 Girls 2012
Under 16 Girls 2012 Sun 18/11/2012
Championship and league
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Under 10 Girls Blitz
Under 10 Girls Blitz Sun 19/08/2012
Great days football at Ballymaguigan when Cookstown, Claudy and Dungiven came to visit
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Cúl Camp 2012
Cúl Camp 2012 Mon 30/07/2012
Some photos of all the kids enjoying the summer cúl camp!
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Derry U-14's.
Derry U-14's. Sat 10/03/2012
St Treas girls collect their Ulster Medals.
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U13 Girls championship
U13 Girls championship Tue 27/09/2011
Pictures of the U13 girls winning the championship
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The New Gym
The New Gym Sat 06/08/2011
These are a few photos of the new gym in club !! Absolutely great facilities at everyone in the townland and further afield should avail of !
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Cul Camp 2011
Cul Camp 2011 Thu 04/08/2011
Cul Camp in Ballymaguigan
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New Jerseys
New Jerseys Sun 08/05/2011
Point 2 Mortgages, Karen Scullion, Sponsors the Minors a New Set of Jerseys.
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[Last Image Added: 5/8/2011]
Development Draw Night
Development Draw Night Fri 29/10/2010
A collection of photos taken during the Big Development Draw night
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[Last Image Added: 11/11/2010]
Feile 2010
Feile 2010 Mon 07/06/2010
This gallery will have all the photos of a very memorable occasion when Derry hosted the 2010 Feile na nOg and Ballymaguigan played a big part.
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[Last Image Added: 2/11/2012]
Underage Football
Underage Football Tue 01/06/2010
A collection of all the talented footballers coming through the ranks
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Dinner Dance 2010
Dinner Dance 2010 Fri 19/02/2010
Club Dinner
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Ladies Football
Ladies Football Mon 15/02/2010
Gallery for the ladies under 14 team
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Championship teams
Championship teams Fri 12/02/2010
Here is a collection of the teams that won a championship
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[Last Image Added: 2/24/2010]
Bed Push 2009
Bed Push 2009 Sun 16/08/2009
This gallery shows the great day that was had by all on the 16th Aug 2009. The bed push competition was a fund raising event with that extra bit of fun added !!
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[Last Image Added: 4/12/2010]
Intermediate Football Championship Final 2003
Intermediate Football Championship Final 2003 Sat 18/10/2003
A collection of photographs from the 2003 Derry IFC final when St Trea's emerged the victors over Desertmartin on a scoreline of Ballymaguigan 0-13 Desertmartin 0-12
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[Last Image Added: 2/22/2010]
Photos from 2000's
Photos from 2000's Mon 07/02/2000
These pictures are from the 2000's
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Photos from the 90's
Photos from the 90's Sat 07/04/1990
A collection of pictures taken during the 90's. Including the historical 1993 league & championship double winning team.
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[Last Image Added: 4/7/2010]
Photos from The 1980's
Photos from The 1980's Mon 07/04/1980
A collection of pictures from the 1980's
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Photo's from the 1970's
Photo's from the 1970's Tue 07/04/1970
A mixture of pictures taken during the 70's
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Photos from 1960's
Photos from 1960's Thu 07/04/1960
Mixture of photos taken from 1960 on.
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Photos Pre 1960's
Photos Pre 1960's Fri 07/04/1944
Mixture of various club pictures taken before 1960
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