Ballymaguigan is a townland situated on the North Western shores of Lough Neagh in County Derry, approximately  30 miles from Belfast, and 4 miles from the town of Magherafelt.  It is a very small rural community, consisting approximately of 1 square mile in area.  Thus, establishing a Gaelic Football Club in such a small area is quite an achievement.

Like most rural areas there is a strong community spirit which culminates in the football club.  The club itself is the major outlet for most social activities in the locality and hence plays a pivitol role in the Ballymaguigan community.

Due to this pivitol role, it has grown to be a club of great tradition within County Derry.  Many of our members have represented the county at all levels, in a playing, management and admistrative capacity.

Pitch & Premises

An act of faith in the future of the club was shown in 1945 when John McCormick of Colehill donated a portion of land on which to establish permanent club rooms.  Unfortunately John McCormick died the following year and so did not see the heights to which the club rose, but the residents of Ballymaguigan will be forever grateful for his generosity.

On John McCormick's site was built 'The Hut', which served as meeting place, club rooms and changing rooms until the present hall was erected in 1969. For years 'The Hut' was the social centre of Ballymaguigan. Many a yarn was told, many a card game won and lost, many a game recalled, many an opponents' downfall plotted and many an escapade had its beginnings within the confines of 'The Hut'.  When Ballymaguigan folk gather to reminisce, some story referring to the hut will always be told.  The 'Hut' was an ex-army Nissen hut which cost £30 to buy and a further £40 to erect and service.